The Status on the Clan Promo/Single's media

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The Status on the Clan Promo/Single's media Empty The Status on the Clan Promo/Single's media

Post by marc on Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:33 pm

Ok I promised you all that I'd make you a clan promo like 3months ago lol
But As you can see this shit is taking forever mainly because I did'nt get all of the RP's(Replays) from everyone I needed at the right time.
So, with that said
I won't make a CLAN promo until I get my own wii (Which shouldnt be long depending on my placing in the waba's XD)

To pay you all back I'll make you your own single person Promos like i used to do.
Send me your rp's of your brawl highlights and boom its on youtube.
Thats my only way of paying you all back
I hope to have everyone in the clan to have their own Combo Video. So yeah hit me up in a first come first serve basis.

I"m also saying this because I keep getting sick ass Replays and my part of the Promo is already full which is making me want my own Combo video asap. So I wont be greedy even though i really easily could, I'm gonna make sure everyone in this clan get a clan combo video.And that doesnt mean "If i Join RA^ for a week I'll have a promo vid ^_^" because no that wont happen. You have to be a full fledge member. The Pioneers and most active members get their own combo vids keep that in mind.


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The Status on the Clan Promo/Single's media Empty Re: The Status on the Clan Promo/Single's media

Post by Skrabb-2da-Log on Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:22 pm

i just recently joined but im a pretty active member and id like to help with combo videos for clan promo if at anytime we make a video. i have a pretty good video editing program (its NOT window movie maker) and ive made two before.


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