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New Squad Tryout System Empty New Squad Tryout System

Post by marc on Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:49 pm

For now on new members of RA^ and brawlers looking foward to joining RA^ will have to TRYOUT For a squad position in squads 2-13.

Squad 1 is reserved for Noobs only

The captain of Squad 1 is Stuey and he and his VC will help train other noobs in Squad 1 for war,brawl tactics,and etc. (VC still needed)

Recently, We have had a large amount of members joining the clan,leaving the next day, not showing up for war, not knowing their squad position, and never meeting their captain. New members aren't taking pride in their squad positions. Most members tend to think its just easy to get in a squad but for now on if your gonna be in a squad of RA^ your gonna be in the the militia for RA^ wars. Which means all of our trust is in you for a war. Being in a squad declares your skill of not being a noob. So from now on here's the new Tryout system.

The Tryout System[u]

A new member wants to join and wants to be tested.
The correct response is to say "sure I'll test you"
Now theres a catch.
Brawling the person won't automatically put you in the clan.
A person now has to win best 2/3 matches to get into the squad he's trying out for.
If he/she wins they can choose who's squad they want to join.

The tester of the match then has to either tell the squad the newcomer choeses to join he's worthy or the newcomer has to say he passed the test by whoever tested him.

If a newcomer can't beat his opponent however, the tester still see's him/her Squad worthy that tester can keep the member for his squad.
Not allowing the member to go to any other squad but the one of the testers choice.

I'm going to update the Rank System as well.
There will now be seated officers and other positions available

Thank you

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New Squad Tryout System Empty hmmmm

Post by stuey on Sat Aug 22, 2009 4:44 pm

so who is actually my VC lol ..

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New Squad Tryout System Empty Re: New Squad Tryout System

Post by Skrabb-2da-Log on Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:26 pm

so im in squad 2 now. do i just ask the squad 3 captain to try out for it if i want to be in it? cuz i do want to join squad 3. =D


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New Squad Tryout System Empty Re: New Squad Tryout System

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